Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tent Revival in Elkton, Virginia

The tent went up for the fourth time this summer and this time it went up in Elkton, Virginia. We are working with Bro. Eddie Deane and his family this week and couldn't be any more happy about it. The Deanes are great folks are very well thought of here in their home area. We are looking forward to good crowds and a great move of God. 

I am learning each time we put the tent up and each time we take it down. It is not a difficult process but it is hard work and I am learning ways to make it easier the more I do it. This morning the set up went smoother than ever. 

We have had great help each time and today was no exception. Bro. Eddie Deane, Bro. Chris and Bro. Danny from the Deane's church were a huge help today. We also put some of Eddie's friends to work as well. A bluegrass gospel group named The Churchmen were traveling through on their way to Pennsylvania to sing. They stopped in to spend the night with the Deanes and definitely got more than they bargained for. Lol. I appreciate Keith, Freddy and Gerald being willing to help us. You can find out more about them at   I told them I would send our millions of readers to check out their website.  

Here are some pictures from today. I'll try to snap some pictures tomorrow at church and tomorrow night under the tent and post them Monday. 

Please continue to pray that God would strengthen us to win folks to Christ. 


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