Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Trip To D.C.

Yesterday Sis. Taylor took Mom and I to Washington D.C. We have been there twice before, but it was nice to visit again. I love the history of our Nation.

Mom and I went on a tour of the Capitol. We have driven by but had never been inside. It was so neat to be in the Rotunda, the Cript, and the Statue Hall of the Capitol. The tour kept us moving alot. There was not much time for pics. We did get a few phone pics, I forgot my big camera.

Capitol Building

The Dome

A portion of the beautiful paintings circling the Rotunda. Different scenes depict historic events of our, country.

Statue Hall is the former meeting place of The House of Representatives. John Quincey Adams desk used to be at this spot.

We tried to get tickets to go up in the Washington Monument. They were sold out for the day.

After the Capitol we went to the Newseum, it is a news museum. It was an extremely interesting place! We did not have enough time to see much of it. I needed a couple of days since I am a news junkie.

A piece of the Berlin Wall

They had a nice exhibit on 9-11-01. It included many interesting things. One thing they have displayed is a, broadcast antenna. It was on top of the Towers.

It was neat to see interviews of the journalist who were on the front lines bringing us the news that horrible day. They risked their lives to do their jobs. These men and woman were shocked and grieving just like the rest of us. I was once again reminded of sitting on my parents bed all day glued to the radio. I am thankful someone was there willing to be persistent and tell the world what was happening!

Sis. Taylor & Mom on the Glass Elevator

Sis.Taylor & Odie on top of the Newseum

We had a great day!! I am sure we will remember it for a long time. Thanks to Sis. Taylor for showing us around.



  1. Awesome....So many fascinating things in that city. I wouldn't want to live there but I would love to have more opportunities to tour the many many great sights there. It seems like I've always go when it was so HOT outside. I think I would enjoy it much better in the late fall. So much blacktop and concrete there...whew! Thanks for the pics...I enjoyed!

  2. Thanks, Tommy, for taking a break from your studies to read and comment. Glad you liked my post. It was warm in D.C. but it was cooler than last weeks 100+ temps.

    Love you!! See you soon!


  3. Man-o-man! I would really love to go to DC...Tami and I are considering taking Mom and Dad Bean there in the near future. Brother Joe is such a patriotic American we thought he should go to Washington before he gets to where he can't travel.

    It was good to visit with you the other evening Brother Davy! It just encourages me to keep on keeping on!

    God Bless the Boggs Family!


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