Friday, July 15, 2011

Gearing Up for the Next Tent Revival

Reminder: SiriusXM's Enlighten channel 18 will be playing the second half of our "Havin Church" CD this weekend on Saturday and Sunday nights. You can find
more information HERE.

So much for rest this week! We had hoped to rest a day or two between revivals this week but couldn't work it into the schedule. Lol! We drove to home to Ohio on Monday and spent the next few days nailing down the location for our August tent revival in our hometown of Waynesville. We found a great place in town and the owner was very gracious to grant permission and the village was very cooperative as well. We are now trying to secure liability insurance (an understandable requirement of the owner) and once that is in place we will be ready to go. We hope to have tent revival in Waynesville August 12-19. We talked to several folks who are excited about it and we are too!

We preached at our home church on Tuesday and at Dodds on Wednesday and it was so good to see our church family and friends. The visit was way to short but it was sweet. The good thing is that we should be back there in just over three weeks.

We traveled through the mountains on Thursday and ended up at Verona, Virginia by church Thursday night. We visited the campmeeting there and heard Bro. Don Rich preach. It was so good to see so very many friends in Verona. Bro. William Strickler and his family treated us like the friends we found them to be when we made our first visit there twenty years ago. We had a wonderful night.

We pulled on over to Elkton today and parked at the fairgrounds where the tent is supposed to go up tomorrow. We plan to start here Sunday night and go through Friday night. I can't wait to see what the Lord will do here in Elkton. 

Thanks for praying for us. I snapped a few pictures of Eddie and Tina Deane mowing the grass that will be under the tent. We appreciate Bro. Chris from their church bringing his mower over.


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