Monday, July 4, 2011

Strawberry Cheese Pie

This is something to think about as you gather to eat your hot dogs and hamburgers today.

Isn't that beautiful?

Sis. Davis is famous for her pies. This is a picture of a Strawberry Cheese Pie she made for us while we were in Miami, Oklahoma. It has a full pound of strawberries in it and weighed in a 4.4 pounds! That is a little deceiving though because if you eat it you will probably gain 15 pounds. It was awesome!

Thanks Sis. Davis for being such a blessing to us and many others. May God bless you!

Hope you all have a great 4th of July! We plan to arrive at Elco, Illinois today for the Elco campmeeting. We probably won't be posting much this week because phone service is hard to come by out there. I have one to two posts scheduled to go up from previous weeks. I hope you enjoy. 

I know we are going to have a great week. Bro. Michael Switzer is preaching the nights so we are prepared to hear some great preaching. We will see several good friends so the fellowship is going to be great as well. We will be singing and preaching the morning services Tuesday-Friday. Please pray for us.




    I wonder... is it very much trouble to make? (She asks wistfully.)

  2. I really can't speak to how easy it is to make but I KNOW it was easy to eat!


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