Thursday, June 23, 2011

Smokin Odie's BBQ

In January Kelly Jo and I stopped in for a great lunch at a place in Miami, Oklahoma called Smokin Odie's BBQ.
You can read about that visit HERE. The owner left a comment on that blog post and offered a discount to everybody that comes in and mentions my post. You can read more about that HERE. Since we are in Miami this week we took Odie in for the first time Monday.

We were able to meet Mr. Otis (Odie) Bailey and enjoyed another great meal. We heartily recommend the rib meat sandwich. It is great! Please stop in and see Mr. Bailey when you can and make sure you tell him we sent you by. I know you will enjoy it.

We plan to go back again this week and I hope to try some of his other meats. I am sure they are good but I just could not get past the rib meat sandwich on Monday.

Maybe I will have more pictures later...


Odie & Odie


  1. No close-ups of the rib meat sandwich? :-(

  2. You are correct to call me on that one, I slipped up and missed that picture. But I pulled a worse mistake than that. We went back today and took several people and I was so caught up in the moment that I forgot to take any pictures at all!

    Great place to eat thought!



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