Friday, June 3, 2011

Keystone Lake, West of Tulsa, Oklahoma

I mentioned earlier that Pastor Joseph Snow and the Hale Station Church parked us in a campground at Keystone Lake last week. It was a great place to park and we enjoyed it very much. It is unusual in my experience for a state park to have big level spots with 50 amp electric service but Oklahoma appears to be above average in that department. It sure was quiet at night and the lake was very nice.

Since we had Friday off and Odie was gone to Ohio, Kelly Jo and I did as little as possible all day long. We concluded the glorious day with an evening sitting by the BoggsMobile watching the sun go down.  Now I realized the sun goes down "nearly" every day but since we are either in church or getting ready for church "nearly" every day, we do not get to see the event very often.  Even more rare is the day when we are off, the sun is going down, Odie is away and we actually have the gumption to drag the chairs out and watch the sunset.

So for the first time since last August in Montana (That I can remember) out came the chairs, the sun went down and we watched it all! We even broke out a bag of charcoal we have been carrying around for over two years and grilled some hot dogs. Throw in some cheese, bread, ketchup and mustard and we had a pretty good little snack. I know a steak would have been better but that would have required some advanced planning and that is something we refuse to do on a rare day off. Out with the plan and away with the schedule on a day off.  That is a rule we try to live by!

It was beautiful and relaxing. We need to do that more often. 

God Bless,

BoggsMobile Saturday morning before we headed to Wichita


  1. Beautiful.

    Oh, and congrats on getting a good review from Musicscribe!

  2. Thank you and thanks for the nice comments over there as well. I saw the review about one this morning and I have been cracking up ever since. He was very kind.

    For the rest of you, we are referring to a review of our new CD, Havin' Church, by David Bruce Murray. Here's the link:


  3. David is a good guy, and you can always count on him to be fair. He will tell you exactly what he thinks, but he won't be nasty about it.


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