Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday Recap

Wednesday is now over. That means we only have two more days of campmeeting. It was another good day.
We heard seven more preacher today. And had lots more fellowship. Here is a list of preachers and their messages.

Wednesday Morning

Bro. Brian Miller- "Saints That Won't Slide"

Pro. Samuel Carway- " Being Purged"

Bro. Terry Bowling- "The Folded Page"

Wednesday Youth Service

Bro. Ashton MacDonald- "Waiting On Your Wings"

Bro. Jacob McCoy- "Jesus The Conquer"

Bro. Ricky Savage- "I'm Still In The Battle But I'm Not There Alone"

Wednesday Night
Bro. Lloyd Shuecraft- "Hope For An End Time Revival"

Bro Lloyd Shuecraft did an outstanding job. The Power of God came down mightily! Our family was greatly encouraged.
I managed to get a couple pics while my parents were praying. The tabernacle does not photograph well. Also a couple of our friends we get to see ever year at Allentown are Laura and Caleb Eaton.
Well, I am falling asleep while typing. So I am going to call it a day. It's good sleeping weather, the rain is falling on the BoggsMobile.

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