Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Day one of campmeeting at Allentown is finished. It was a great day. We were in three services, heard seven sermons. All of the preachers did very good.

Tuesday Morning-

Bro. Tim Hudson-" He Is Here"
Bro. John Burdine-" Self Defense"
Bro. Aaron Brock- "He And We"

Tuesday Youth Service

Bro. JJ Stevens- "The Enabler"
Bro. Jonathan Prickett- "To Close To Tarsus"
Bro. Michael Groves "Focus or Fail"

Tuesday Night

Bro. L.D. Savage-" Lest"

March Meeting at Allentown is a highlight of our year. It is a breath of fresh air. We get to hear great preaching and we get to see lots of friends. There is still time for you to join us before Friday night. It would be great to see you here in Alabama!
Now I'm headed to bed to get some sleep before doing all again for Wednesday.

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