Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finale Friday

Well Allentown March Meeting 2010 is now history. Wow the week flew by. Pastor Eugene Futral and all the board members go out of their way to make the week a success!
Our souls received lots of spiritual food. God was good to His people.
Here is a short rundown of Friday's services.

Friday Morning

Bro. Brent Markee- "As Long As You Love Egypt"

Bro. Chris Juneau- "Singing In Captivity"

Bro. Roger Peyton- "John Did No Miracle"

Friday Youth Service

Bro. Tim Patterson- "Pardoned but Still a Prisoner"

Bro. Cole Perkins- No Title

Bro. Andrew Goodwin-"Repairers of the Breach"

Friday Night

Bro. Dennis Heath- "Seeing Through the Eyes of the Prodigal"

Bro. Dennis preached a wonderful finale message for the meeting. God extended His hand of mercy one more time. Holy Ghost conviction was there strong! Several responded to the altar call. It is such a privilege to feel God.
I do want to thank God, Friday I had a great day physically. It was the best day I've had in weeks! I am SO thankful for good days.
I've attached some pics from my phone. I have more on my camera.
1. Claudia Juneau
2. Me & Kaylee Boyd
3. Darah & Dayla Boyd


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