Monday, March 22, 2010


According to the calendar we are supposed to be having warm weather. Saturday was a beautiful day. Sunday was cold and rainy. At least we weren't shoveling snow like some of our friends. It did flurry a bit today.
Hurry spring please, we are anxiously waiting for you!
The weather did not dampen the start to revival Sunday at First Assembly. In the morning a young lady got saved. The evening service ended with a great response in the altars.
It is such a pleasure to be back with the wonderful folks in Ellisville, Mississippi. I believe this is our fourth revival here. We always have a great time with Pastor Kenny and Sis. Joan Morris. They are such sweet people. Bro. Kenny calls me "Odie Lee". Another of many nicknames. LOL
They served us delicious food in the Fellowship Hall. I have to share a pic of the AWESOME cake. Its "Death By Chocolate". It is definitely to die for! Thanks Sis. Stephanie for making it.
Also Emma Grace was enjoying her chicken. This was one of the pieces she enjoyed. She is so cute. You will probably hear a lot about Emma Grace. She is one of my buddies.
Well Goodnight all.

"Odie Lee"

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