Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip to the market 11/30/09

The next few pics are from our trip to the market. I use the word
market in a general sense because any city street that has much
traffic has booths or tables set along each side selling goods that
people need for their day to day lives. The first picture is the place
we bought our material. It is one of dozens of places just like it up
and down the street.
When we get out of the van in a place like this it always causes a
scene of sorts. There are no traffic laws that I can see, so cars and
motorcycles are going everywhere. The people are constantly trying to
stop traffic for us so we can cross the street or even walk along the
street. Some are probably genuinely concerned for our well being but
many are trying to get a tip.
All the vendors are competing to get us to their wares because they
think we have lots of money to spend. We have to let a local negotiate
for us because the price immediately goes up when they see us. The
tailor from the church negotiated the price for us.
Can't wait to see this material turned into out new clothes.

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