Friday, November 27, 2009


Bro. Shobanke came to the hotel today and brought some drinking
water and stayed for a great visit. We talked about the meetings to be
held the next two weeks and caught up on news here and in the US. The
pic is Bro. Shobanke praying for Odie during that visit. Bro.
Shobanke is a man of faith and is believing God to heal Odie while we
are here. We appreciate all the folks here And in the US that are
daily praying for Odie to receive a miracle. I can't think of a better
time than tonight!
I can only add one pic at a time when I email updates to the blog
so I noticed it keeps pushing updates down the page and then off the
page. So if you only check once a day or less you might have to click
on "older posts" to see everything that has been added. Or if you
notice the sidebar on the left lists all the post. You might be able
to keep track like that.
We are still having a good time just trying to stay awake until bed
time so we can get adjusted to the time difference. We've been
studying, writing in journals and playing word games.
Thanks for praying. Please comment or send us an email to let us
know you're reading. Thanks

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