Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Here We Go!

Here's a bit of our luggage stacked up on the couch in the bus. I can
only send one at a time from my phone so I'll send another in a
moment. Kelly Jo & Odie have packed for two solid days. We have six
suitcases that weigh between 49.2 and 49.8lbs. each. That's pretty
good packing since the limit is 50lbs. We each have a carry on
stuffed to the max as well.
We are going to our home church (Dryden Rd.) tonight and then leave
tomorrow. We will try to arrive at the airport around 5:00 PM. I'll
keep you updated until we leave Atlanta. After that it will be up to
Odie's phone or an Internet cafe if we can find one.
God bless,

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