Monday, November 30, 2009

Hello from Odie

Hey Friends,
I am having a great time here in Nigeria. It is so good to see so many friends from our last visit in 2007. All of them are so kind to us. They go out of their way to do their best for us. It is overwhelming the love and appreciation they show us just for coming to Nigeria.
Saturday night was our first service here. The youth choir sang a special song welcoming us. There we signs hanging saying Welcome Evangelist Davy Boggs and Family.
At Bro. Shobanke's church they use white plastic chairs on the platform. As Dad says "they are not fat boy approved". Last time they would bring Dad a more solid chair from Bro. Shobanke's office. The Youth of the church bought a couch for us to sit on because they wanted us to have a better seat. They even carried it outside for the crusade service.
The three services we have been in have been great. Dad has preached very good. Bro. Matthew has interpreted twice and Bro. Salmon interpreted Sunday morning. They both do a great job. I am sure it is a difficult thing to do.
Well I must go for now. Dad wants you to know that the wifi went back down before he could get all the pics posted from the trip to market.
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