Thursday, November 2, 2023

In Need of Joseph!

In one hour period this week I had two vivid nightmares. Wow!

In the first, Pastor Jimmy Millikin and I were driving around looking for the BoggsMobile. I had parked the bus in front of a church that I had just begun to Pastor. That day was my first service. Some of the time I was driving and some of the time, Bro. Millikin was driving, but we could not find the church.

We would say, "I think it is down this road" or "It must be over here", but we would turn and we were wrong every time. We drove and drove and drove, looking for the bus, but never found it. It was so frustrating!

I knew I had parked the bus right out front. 
How could I misplace the bus?
Why had I accepted the Pastorate of a church?
Why couldn't two grown men find neither the church or the bus?

In the second nightmare, Odie was driving a small car pulling our huge tent trailer and I was riding in the tent trailer. There was a window in the tent trailer and I was talking to Odie on speakerphone and giving her turn-by-turn directions. 

There are so many things wrong with that scenario.

We were going to a preacher's house way out in the country. We barely know this preacher and his wife was riding with Odie. In real life, I am not even sure if I know what this preacher's wife looks like so I have no idea why she was with Odie.

We were coming to the last turn onto a long gravel drive and Odie missed the turn.

Our signal had gone weak and I could hear them talking, but they could no longer hear me. We were on a small country road so I opened the window and then opened the door, flailing my arms trying to get Odie's attention. It took nearly a mile for her to see me and to stop in the middle of the road.

I knew that Odie could not back into a driveway to turn around, but I knew I could. As I was getting into the driver's seat, I woke up.

The first nightmare left me in a cold sweat the second left me a nervous wreck. If anyone receives the interpretation for either, let me know. We need a Joseph to step up.

Thank you. Have a great day.



  1. Bro. Davy this had me laughing out loud (all by myself). Tell Odie I’ll go for a ride with her Saturday evening! 🤣


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