Friday, June 21, 2024

Summer Revival Series, Friday Night Revival, Boggs Family Ministries

Last Friday we posted the first in our Summer Revival Series. It was an audio only recording of a sermon I preached the night before at our home church, Dryden Rd. in Dayton Ohio.

Tonight we plan to continue the Summer Revival Series with a live stream service. Before we took the bus to Tennessee, we unloaded a little of our sound equipment at Odie’s house. Kelly set that up along with her old Yamaha P120 which now belongs to Odie.

It is set up in Odie’s second bedroom, which is the room we moved in when I was released from rehab after the stroke. KJo has completed a lot of work to convert it into our temporary church and video room. 

Our last regular revival in the United States was the week before Thanksgiving. In fact, we ended Monday night before Thanksgiving. The PA system has been inactive since then and it is good to get some of it out.

We plan to go live about 8 o’clock Eastern tonight, Friday, June 21, Hopefully through the link below. It has been quite a while since we have posted any live stream, so please forgive us if we have a few bugs along the way.

If the link does not get you there, you can go to our YouTube page, click the live button and it will take you to the proper place.

It may take us a few minutes to get the sound to acceptable levels but we will get it by God’s grace. We will have some singing, hopefully, some preaching and then we will pray for folks before we close. I imagine we will be less than an hour for this first live service. 

We would love for you to invite others and join us live if possible. If you cannot join us live, the service will be archived to watch anytime later at your convenience.

We are excited about having revival services this summer while we are staying close to home. Thank you for praying for us and we hope to see you soon.


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