Tuesday, June 4, 2024

I'll Be Yawn Gone

Boy howdy! Do I have an interesting subject for you today. I imagine you will be yawning before you finish this Mile Marker.

I mentioned on February 21 that I had a few strange side effects lingering from the stroke in December. 

I did not sneeze for 13 days. Finally, one morning while still in in-patient rehab I sneezed. I still do not sneeze every morning like I used to, only a few times a week at most.

I also noticed that I did not dream at all after the stroke. It was 25 nights before I had a dream and I have always been a vivid and near constant dreamer. I seem to be back to normal in that respect. 

My sleep habits have been worse than ever since the stroke. I have never been a really good sleeper but there are some nights I hardly sleep at all and when I do it’s usually no more than four or five fitful hours with waking periods in between. 

I have always yawned a lot. It was sometimes embarrassing how much I yawned and often I yawned when I should have been wide awake and paying attention. 

After the stroke I have not yawned normally at all. 

On April 11, over three months post stroke, I was sitting in a chair about 5 AM reading when I felt a big yawn coming on. I involuntarily opened my mouth wide and the yawn was over in less than 1/2 second. I was disappointed but it was a start.

Later that week I had the exact same experience about five times one morning. A big yawn would feel like it was coming on and then nothing.

Unfortunately, the yawns did not build from there but stopped again. Last Friday, May 31 my mouth opened involuntarily and I began to yawn that maybe lasted probably one full second and then was over quickly. 

I have had nothing since then. We have asked several doctors, therapists and even the neurologist about this and they seem to be as clueless as us. Nobody has offered any explanation at all. 

I can live without yawning, but it is vastly different than before. It is not something that I have prayed about, I have much bigger issues to pray about.😳🤪

Have you yawned yet while reading this?


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