Tuesday, June 11, 2024

May 2024 Ohio Shoemaker Visit

 Hey Friends,

It is Odie reporting for today. How is your day going? Thank you for spending a moment in our corner of the world! It is always great to have you visit with us.

You never know what topic will be discussed here from day to day. I have some posts waiting for the right day to share them with you. In this post, I am rewinding to Memorial Day weekend.

Some of my favorite people came to town for the holiday. Seeing my Cousin Deidre Boggs Shoemaker, her husband Ben, and their children Charlie and Chloe Jean is always fantastic! 

Our long time readers know Deidre and I consider ourselves not just close cousins but sisters. We do not get to be together anywhere near enough. I am thankful for her long drives to or from town; that is our catch-up time. I love my Facetime calls with Charlie and Chloe Jean. 
I was able to see her a few times in December. Deidre flew home by herself to visit family right before New Year's. I was thrilled to have her home. 

She was a big help to me the day the stroke hit Dad. Deidre came straight to me. She made sure I got to the hospital and sat with me in the emergency room that first day. I genuinely believe God allowed my sister to be there when I needed her the most! I will never forget her help and strength that day.

I had not been able to see Ben, Charlie or Chloe in person since last fall in Alabama. They were all in Ohio for Thanksgiving, but I flew home right after they left.

Charlie hugged me tightly and let me know that he missed me. I melted right into a puddle.

During church, he wanted to sit with me and Nana Great. It was extra sweet to see him snuggled up to his Nana Great. That night, he was reminding her a lot of his Papaw Steve. My Mamaw, aka Nana Great to the littles of the family, was thrilled.

Papaw with his favorite Grandson in law, Ben.

Princess Chloe Jean  Shoemaker.

Papa Great with Chloe and Charlie. They posed willingly for a picture with Papa Great. They have grown up so much, and they are sweethearts.

Time for a selfie with Ben.

After church, Deidre, Ben and the kids brought food back to my house. It was so good to visit with them for a while! 

Chloe Jean loved "Odo's" house! This was the first time she had been here and understood it was my house.

Charlie and Chloe both liked my toy basket. Charlie enjoyed a coloring session. He found an excellent spot to sit and color.

A sister selfie. I love this girl so much!

Chloe Jean wanted in the girl's picture, too.

Ben traded a ball for Chloe Jean's bow. I had to document this moment. Oh, and it looks like Ben likes the toy basket too! 😂

One more picture with my sweet girl to send to her Aunt Selah.

The Shoemaker visit was a highlight of my Memorial Day. I am already looking forward to the next time we connect. 

They will then be a family of five. Another baby boy is set to arrive later this month. Please keep their family in your prayers!

See you next time 

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