Saturday, May 4, 2024

Meet Kolby Lee Yeager

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting on this Saturday. I hope you are well. Thanks for visiting with me today.

Yesterday, I talked to you about my cousins Kayla and Trever Morgan Yeager. They just celebrated their first anniversary in April. 

Last fall, we received news that their family was expanding. I was thrilled for them. It is always exciting when a baby joins the family! 

My baby cousins are special to me! I adopted them as my niece or nephew. I am a proud Auntie O. 

Meet Kolby Lee Yeager

This year, on April 23rd, the doctor set the date for the baby's arrival. Kayla and Trever went to the hospital for the birth of a baby boy. As their family, we were anxious to have a new member added to our family. We waited and prayed hard for his safe arrival. 

He had another idea. The baby decided it was not time for him to enter the world yet. He was being stubborn.😆 The boy had to prove me wrong. He wanted to come on his due date, but I had predicted April 23rd since last fall.

Kolby Lee Yeager arrived one week later. He was born on the evening of April 30th. Excitement was in the air of our Morgan family text chain all day. 

We waited, not so patiently, for his birth and prayed hard! Thank God for answering all the prayers for Mama, Daddy and Kolby! He arrived safely! Kolby was worth the wait!

Congrats to Kayla and Trever on the birth of your handsome boy! We love your family of three! May God bless the next chapter in your life! 

I can not wait to meet my newest baby cousin! He has already captured his place in Auntie O's heart with pictures like this one. They Facetimed me a couple nights ago. He is precious!

Check out his hair! I already love him so much. He brings smiles and joy to all of us!

Here are his birth stats: Kolby Lee Yeager was born on April 30th, 2024, weighing 8lbs 7.1 oz and measuring 19.5 in long.

I am glad to share the happy news with you. Kayla gave me permission to introduce my friends to Kolby! She also sent pictures so you could meet their bundle of joy.

I will close with one more picture from Kayla. I love this, Mama and baby!



  1. Beautiful! Congratulations! ❤️ Karen M BTW I forgot to put my name on my last comment about Bro Davy's shingles. Still praying. Hope he is doing better!

    1. Karen,
      Thank you!! He is a special little guy
      Thanks for your continued prayers for Dad!


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