Friday, May 10, 2024

An Important Trip Today

This is an important weekend for us. Today, by God’s grace, we will leave home mid morning and travel about 200 miles south to London, Kentucky 

We are scheduled to preach graduation tonight for the school at London First Pentecostal Church. Our plan is to stay over and preach both services Mother’s Day. 

We have always enjoyed the churches in the London area. We love being with Pastor Jarvis, his wife and the Saints at London First Pentecostal church. It is a joy to be there with them and that makes this weekend special on its own.

However, being with them is special for more reasons than that. When I had a stroke on December 29, I was loading sound equipment into the BoggsMobile. We were preparing to leave that afternoon to be in place to begin revival December 31 for Pastor Jarvis at London First Pentecostal church.

That makes them the first of many churches we had to cancel because of the stroke. When Pastor Jarvis realized I was preaching again, he text me and asked me to preach these services and I was honored to make that commitment. 

We are excited to go to London and finally make our scheduled first stop of the year. It is not the same as revival, but we are very happy to finally be going there. 

It would be more like a full circle if we were taking the bus, but it is a little early for that so the jeep will head south in a few hours. We sure appreciate those of you that pray for us in our travels and preaching.

May God bless you all today. Thank you for reading.


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