Monday, May 6, 2024

A Beautiful Sight In Nigeria

I am telling you, friends, this is a beautiful sight!

I received some of these pictures by email on Sunday and a few more overnight going into Monday. I am so thrilled to see them and it makes me happy to share them with you today. 

It takes time to process the money and they did not receive it until Friday. However they had already mobilized the workers and materials. They gathered together and completed the concrete decking on Saturday.

They mixed the concrete on site with a portable mixer and carried it to the second floor and poured it by hand. There was a whole lot of manual labor going on Saturday. 

I have heard from Brother Shobanke and from Brother Samuel Bamidele, his son-in-law. They are both very thankful for the tremendous help toward completing this much needed additional building for the school. 

Of course, there remains much more to do but this is a great mile marker in the process. I am  thankful for those of you that have helped us to help them. Praise God for each of you and the sacrifices you have made for the people of Abeokuta, especially the children in the school.

It is amazing what a few of us can do when we pool our resources for one common cause. May God bless you for joining with me and my burden for these precious people.

Thank you for dropping by today. I hope you have a wonderful week.



  1. I am so thankful to see the work going forward! What a blessing to have the floor/roof poured before the rainy season hits full force.

    1. I am so happy to see it too!


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