Monday, May 15, 2023

The Weekend Dispatch May 15, 2023

Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting in from Ohio. I am here to give you a glimpse into my weekend's activity. My weekend included food, family, friends, fun and fellowship.

The weather was threatening to be rainy on Friday, but I gladly enjoyed a little sun on my porch. While I was sitting outside, My cousin Lisa called, inviting me to dinner at Skyline.

We checked the hourly forecast and found a spot that looked like we could get dinner without getting wet. Our food was delicious! My choice this time was a Coney Bowl. It was probably the best one that I ever had.  

Time spent with Lisa is always fun! We had a great evening catching up! We were too busy talking, and I neglected to get a selfie that night.

Lisa bought us a couple Ande's mints to polish off the meal. Those mints always make me remember a special Mother's Day meal we enjoyed with Great Grandma Boggs.

I checked the calendar that night to see the date of the special meal with Grandma Boggs. It took place May 11,1997. Grandma went to Heaven the very next day. This past Friday marked 26 years since she left us! I thought it was fitting to have an Andes in her memory!

Saturday, we had an impromptu lunch meet up with friends. Lisa called, wanting to know if I was in the mood for some salsa. Of course, my answer was a quick yes!

Rick, Stephanie and Timmy Stancell joined us for a great meal. We had a blast spending some time together!

That evening my Mamaw and Papaw came over. They were on their way to a special Mother's Day dinner. I am thankful Mamaw was doing so good for Mother's Day this year! She is a walking miracle!

Sunday, it was time for church at DRPC.

Bro. Bob Dotson shared a couple of his poems about Mothers.

Bro. David Eldridge preached both Sunday services. He preached outstanding!

Then it was time to honor some special Mothers. Bro. Michael Alexander is the Sunday School Superintendant. He does a fantastic job!

Sis. Jane Sutherland, the Mother of our church, with her beautiful hanging basket of flowers.

Sis. Dorothy Hasty was the oldest Mother at 94 years old. She did not come up to get her flowers. Her children always come to church with her on Mother's Day. I am glad to see them honor their Mother.

Sis. Sarah Mitchell was the youngest Mother present.

Sis. Amy Mitchell received the award for most children present. They had to draw a name this year. Several ladies had four of their children with them.

Drawing for the 2023 Prettiest Mother of DRPC. 

The winner was Sis. RoseAnn Murphey 

The hat crew, Rachel, Odie, Debbie and Leah. We decided to wear hats for Mother's Day this year.

Sunday Selfie with Kiran.

Me with my "Church Mama", Sis. Sharon Whitley.

It was great to see my friend, Bro. David Eldridge. We always get a selfie for the blog.

Kiran was happy to have his Mom and baby sister at church!

Sunday night service

Sis. Renae Coffman is one the best ladies I know! I love her so much!

I enjoy having the Burris family as part of our DRPC family. Bro. Jared Burris, aka California, is a wonderful friend to our family!

Sis Jane Sutherland, Mother's Day 2023.

It is always good to see my "baby" cousin Jonas!

Well, another weekend is officially history. Thanks for stopping by today.


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