Saturday, February 25, 2023

A Small Stepping Stone to Victory

 Hey Friends,

This is Odie reporting for this final Saturday of February. I hope you are doing well. I am doing really good. 

I wrote about A Small Victory I experienced on the first Saturday of the month. God has blessed me enormously lately. I am thankful beyond words for His strength, comfort, peace and so much more. Those are just a few daily benefits that He has loaded me with.

I am happy to report that I still have not had some of the horrible pain. Also, I have not had to struggle for every movement since my last update. I did have several nights of a lot of pain and stiffness. Some days I had to move slowly.

Remember when I wrote about One Prayer Away? The day after that post was live for all to see, God met me so mightily at church. I took my burdens to the altar that morning and left them there. I knew something was different after my prayer that morning. My prayers and supplication were heard!

Today I am here to give you another praise report! I  am grateful when He allows me to have a small stepping stone on my way to complete healing! For the last two weeks, my pain has been very little. Most days, it was just a nagging ache that was manageable! I have been able to move better than I have in a while!

I praise God and glorify him! I thank Him for giving me a visitation from Heaven that I am still feasting on today! The blessings of God are marvelous! I can say that He has never once left me nor forsaken me. His promises are true, and He will be with me until the end.

Thank you to anyone who has prayed for us. The prayers are working. I am not walking yet, but I know God is working! My heart is encouraged. Dad is not fully healed yet, but I thank God for seeing him through each day!
 While I am waiting, I am leaning and trusting in a big God. He can do all things! God's will, timing and plan are always best! Thanks for reading!


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