Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Gift

I was reading the happenings in someone else's life Wednesday and these three lines invaded my consciousness.

It is a gift to dream.

It is a greater gift to have the strength and resolve to follow those dreams.

It is the greatest gift to know which dreams to let go.

I have dreamed big dreams. I have been blessed from God with much strength and much resolve to pursue those dreams. Therefore I have dreamed, I have chased dreams, I have lived the dream and I have rejoiced as my dreams emerged shining in beautiful reality.

Knowing which dreams to let go has proven quite a bit more difficult. How do I know? How do I turn loose? How do I let go? 

I believe grace can help me with that. I have dreamed some big dreams that brought me to wonderful places that I would have never been without the dream, yet the fulfillment of the dream escaped me. 

Yes, grace is the answer to letting go of dreams that were never God's perfect will for my life at all. They serve their purpose and then I must let them go.


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