Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Taking The Tent Down In Mississippi

Update On Revival This Week Near Ft. Worth

Pastor Stevens decided to have revival this week in the church. We will begin on Wednesday and run through Sunday night. You can find the address on our schedule page.

The Tent is Down Dry In Richton, Mississippi

As I mentioned yesterday, we tried to have everything prepared for the take down process so that when the church folks arrived, the tent could be taken down and put away quickly. The tent was dry, the grass under the tent was dry and we were ready to go.

Since the ground had received an abundance of rain the preceding days, the tent would begin to draw moisture once it was on the ground if we did not get it folded and off the ground pronto. I explained that to everyone and off we went.

The side poles came down and off, the center poles were cranked down and laid on the ground, the three pieces were unlaced, the straps were removed and we set in to folding. We folded the center piece first and then the ends. Before we knew it the job was completed.

We had the right amount of help and help is exactly what each person offered. I love it when we work together. The Richton men have taken down this tent numerous times. Even though it is always at least a year between take downs, the previous experience helps.

This is the take down crew.

The youngest helper was in the last day of his 81st year and the youngest helper was three. Here they are with Odie and Abe's Dad, Bro. Daniel. Thank you Bro. Brewer and Thank you Abe!

I can not get the BoggsMobile into the spot where the trailer needs to park at the church. We pulled it to the church carefully with the church bus. That bus is a beast of a machine.

The tent is down and put to bed for the season. I appreciate Pastor Scott Morris and his family and church working diligently to get it done. We have several tent revivals on the schedule next year and I am already looking forward to preaching under the Blue and White Gospel Tent again!

Thank you for reading. I hope you are having a great week.


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