Sunday, August 21, 2011

Wrap Up in Waynesville/Dodds Homecoming

Tent Revival came to a close on Friday night and with it came the close of our Summer of Tent Revivals. We have enjoyed the summer so much. I plan to put my thoughts about it all and our plans and dreams for next year in a post soon. Perhaps I can get it all down a week or so from now after Dryden Rd. Campmeeting.

Speaking of campmeeting at Dryden Rd, it begins this Tuesday (23rd-26th) and we are very excited about it. Bro. Kevin Webster is preaching the night services and Bro. Dwain Galiher is preaching the morning services. The morning services start at 10:00 am on Wednesday. Night services begin at 7 on Tuesday. Hope to see you all there!

Friday night there was a heavy dew so the tent was too wet to take down after church. Everybody pitched in and packed up the PA system, chairs, platforms, lights, cords and carpet that night but we had to wait until Saturday afternoon to take the tent down. Once we started at 2 pm it only took about 30 minutes and it was all packed away. We sure appreciate the help.

In fact, we appreciate all the help this week. The Millikins helped with the music, singing and preaching and did an outstanding job all week. The folks here really loved them and I am so glad to see the people embrace the Millikins so warmly. We enjoyed working with Bro. Jimmy and Sis. Shauna four wonderful weeks this summer. I am sure I will have more to say about that later as well.

The churches supported the meeting very well and we are thankful for that. We had Pastors there every night and every one chipped in with prayer, worship, attendance and finance to make the Tent Revival a success. My family; Mom and Dad, brothers, sisters, inlaws, outlaws and cousins were all instrumental in pushing the revival over the top. I could not have done it without them at all. Thank you all so very much from the bottom of my heart!

So many from our community were a blessing to us as well. We received a lot of encouragement from people in town before, during and after the tent revival. Some of them did not even attend but they were glad and thankful for us to be there and they let us know it. The men who own the property where the revival was held especially the owner/manager of the property Steve Foley were a great blessing to us too. I could go on and on about many acts of kindness to make the vision of mine a reality but I must stop some where. Thank you to every one. May God bless you!

The Millikins had to pull out Saturday morning. They were preaching Homecoming service for Bro. John Eaton in Evansville, Indiana this morning and revival this week. I hated so much to see them go and the folks around here hated it as well. I am already looking forward to seeing them and working with them again.

It was also Homecoming here at Dodds Pentecostal Church today. Pastor Rex Lloyd had invited us to be here to preach the Homecoming and it was an honor to do so. We have been blessed and honored to sing and preach at Homecoming services across the country but it was really special to preach Homecoming in the church where I was raised. We have always been warmly received at Dodds through the years and today was no exception. We had a great crowd, good response to the preaching and a wonderful meal afterward. It was a great day.

With campmeeting the blogging will be pretty sparse. We will try to post some pictures from each day. Many of you enjoy getting to see pictures of folks that attend so we will do our best to post them here. God bless you all...


We hated to see the Millikins leave!

About to bring down the tent.

Dad performing his assigned duties flawlessly!

My brother Steve and cousin inlaw Sonny using the
stake puller. The stake puller is probably some of the
best money I spent all summer!

The take down crew in Waynesville, Ohio

A few pictures from Dodds Homecoming

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  1. Almost time for Bond campmeeting! Can't wait to see you all. Odie, you better be here this year! LOL! No more skipping out.
    Love y'all,


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