Friday, August 5, 2011

God and First Amendment on The Schilling Show 1070 WINA

The Tent in Greene County, Virginia

Friday Mr. Rob Schilling invited me to join him for the first few minutes of his radio show on 1070 WINA News Radio in Charlottesville, Virginia. We discussed the Greene County officials shutting down tent revival this week. Follow this LINK to listen to the interview. (After clicking the link, scroll down the page to "Schilling Show: 8-5-11 Hour 1 Davy Boggs...and choose the format to listen.) 

The interview is in the first 11 minutes of the hour. I appreciate Mr. Schilling for inviting me on The Schilling Show and for treating me and the issue at hand with respect and professionalism. You might drop him and email while you are there and thank him for his kindness.

If you are in the dark as to what is going on here you will find all you need to know in the original blog post.

I believe that God is going to receive glory out of this yet! Thanks and God Bless,


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  1. Wow ! It looks like the Lord is opening up doors because of a closed one ! I can't wait to see what happens next !


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