Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010

Pics of just a few friends that were in Louisville, Kentucky for PFYC.
1. Altar Service on Friday Night
2. Davy & Bro. Rickey Searcy
3. Brook, Darah, Kalynn & Dayla
4. Bro. Darius Templeton
5. Stephanie Roberts & Kelly
6. Odie & Ambria Davis
7. Odie & Jessica Webster
8. Odie & Jessie Everett
A summery of the two service we attended.
Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010

Friday Morning
Bro Aleaka Holt opened the service. Bro. David Webb greeted the people.
Bro. Danny Taylor Reminded us why we came to PFYC, for the Fire of God to be rekindled in our lives. Higher Ground a group of Boys from the Ozark Bible Institute sang.
The Choir from Jersey Holiness Church in Jersey, Georgia sang. Bro. David Brimm introduced Bro. Brent Gabbard. He preached a challenging yet encouraging sermon on
"The Guide Every Youth Group Needs"
Then the PFYC Ensamble sang.
Bro. Ryan Ralston introduced Bro Lloyd Shuecraft. His message was titled "A Sacrifice Between Hai and Bethel." It encouraged us to not look at the world and all the things the devil offers. But to turn our backs to the enticing world and look the Power of God at Bethel. Then there was a great altar service!

Friday Night.

Bro. David Brimm opened the service with announcements. Then Bro. David Webb prayed over the services and encouraged us to worship. Bro. Brent Markee led a congregational song.
Bro. Ryan Ralston introduced Bro. Tracy Holden to take the offering. During the offering Bro Tracy Boyd reminded us to hold to the promise God. God may not promise a smooth road to travel "But He Did Say" He would be there. Then Sis. Shea and the girls sang The Promise which is a song on their new project that is now available. I'm sure I will have more on their new CD in a few days..
The Choir from Savannah Holy Church of God sang. Many were praying and blessed during the singing.
Bro. David Webb introduced Bro. Douglas Meadow preach. He titled it "The Path That Leads to Pentecost". We had a altar service at the end where the Pentecostal wind blew through the place. It was great!

I need to say a HUGE thank you to my Dad for making it possible to attend one day of the 2010 PFYC!
What is Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference? It is an awesome meeting held every April in Louisville, Kentucky. Friday night there were around 4,000 People in South Wing of Kentucky Fair & Expo Center. It was a sea of people from many places in the USA. There were people from coast to coast.
Why did all those folks come to Louisville, Kentucky just for a youth conference? To hear Holiness preaching, to fellowship holiness young people and to ready our generation to carry on through tough times.
Many say young people don't want Holiness. If you believe that opinion then you need to attend PFYC! You will see young people responding by thousands to holiness preaching.
Now it is late Saturday night and we are in Thomasville, Georgia. Revival begins in the morning with Homecoming. We are anticipating a great week here at New Hope Holiness Church. We already had good fellowship with Pastor Tony Walker and Family tonight!
Dad thanks again for a wonderful weekend. I pray God blesses you with extra strength because you drove the extra miles for me to be at Pentecostal Fire Youth Conference 2010! I love you!!!!!!!


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