Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bro. Dexter Worrell

Bro. Dexter Worrell is our friend and encourager. What an
encourager he is! When we are near home Bro. Dexter is always there
cheering us on with a kind word and usually an offering for Odie.

The last few years he has called me on the phone periodically and
each phone call is a great boost to our morale and spirit. Bro.
Dexter is a praying man and often gives me a helpful word the Lord
gave him in prayer that day. He sometimes tells me of a revival he was
involved in and how many folks were saved or one of the many trials
the Lord has helped him through.

Bro. Dexter is one of many encouragers and friends that God has
placed in our lives. There is no telling how many difficulties we have
overcome, how many dangers we have been spared and how many souls we
have ministered to because of the prayers and kindness of men like
Bro. Dexter Worrell.

I am thinking about Bro. Dexter today because he called this
morning. He asked about revivals, souls being saved, how much I have
been praying, if Kelly Jo was still pretty, about Odie's health and
whether she has found a husband yet. He usually covers these questions
in every phone call. But today he brought up another subject.

He told me his birthday was just around the corner. It is a
special birthday. Special because he will be 85 and because he has
recently cheated death once again. In fact he is not completely well
yet. He told me he would like to receive 85 birthday cards. I would
like to help him reach that goal. We might get him 850!

If you know Bro. Dexter send him a card this week or next. If you
don't know him it wouldn't hurt to send one any way. Kind deeds
motivated by love have a way of coming back around. Wouldn't it be
great to overwhelm him with love on his 85th birthday?

Thank God for friends!

Dexter Worrell
3309 Richmond Ave.
Connersville, IN 47331