Saturday, November 1, 2014

Last Weekend In Review

Another Saturday is here again so this is Odie writing. I hope you all had a great week. The BoggsMobile has been the sick house this week. These colds are not welcome here!  Several that I have heard from are battling sickness too. It is no fun. I am hoping we are on the upward swing of things now. I have definitely taken advantage of our days off to rest and relax. 

Let me back track to last weekend. My wonderful friend Tammy Ferguson surprised me by coming to the dedication service. Thanks again Tammy for making my day!!  I am looking forward to getting to see her again this coming week in Riverdale. 

Speaking of Riverdale we should be pulling in there sometime this afternoon. We are scheduled to be there Sunday through Wednesday and we will also be doing school revival during the day. It should be exciting.

It was wonderful to have Regan Morris here in California. We had a ton of fun and I lost count of the times we laughed until we hurt. 

Saturday evening after the dedication service Mom was kind enough to take us girls to Starbucks. It was a great time to relax and fellowship. 


Before the night was over us girls joined the party going on at "Grandma Cindy's" house. There was lots of laughter and singing. 

Sunday was another great but busy day. In the afternoon Emily, Regan and I had a great time just hanging out. As we say often we love it when our friends become friends. I watched that happen last week with Emily Burris and Regan Morris. I just sat back and smiled. Two of my favorite people are now friends. 

Jake and Miriam Rushing kindly opened their home to us!  They were amazing hosts and we can never thank them enough for their hospitality. Sunday night after church Jake made us No Bake cookies. I am a No Bake cookie junkie, but I limited myself to three. We had a ball playing games and eating cookies!

Monday was a sad day because Regan left us. It was so good to have her with us a few days and we hated to see her go back to Mississippi. Like Dad told you we did take her to see some of the awesome trees in Kings Canyon. You can see some of the pictures Mom took HERE. I am in awe evey time I see these amazing trees.  I will close today's post with my pictures of the Sequoia trees.