Monday, April 1, 2024

Recovery Tour - The Plan Has Begun

Today is April 1, but this is no joking matter. OK, Here we go! We have begun the first leg of our Recovery Tour.😍

KJo and have commenced the next step in our loosely held plans that I wrote about in early March.
-Travel outside the area for single services or maybe weekends, building endurance and confidence. I also need to discover if I am able to travel extensively. 

Travel will also depend on my outpatient therapy schedule. As long as therapy is helpful and as long as they keep me going back, I want to take advantage of it.
Therapy is completed for now and we are ready to test the waters to see how I can handle the traveling. We jumped in the Jeep to travel and preach a few Sundays before coming home to preach in several local churches that have kindly invited us.

We have visited churches this first weekend and plan to visit 3-4 more over the next two weekends, but not preaching at all of them. The rest of the days we are relaxing as much as possible and visiting with friends. I am hoping I can sleep better than I have in the last 13 weeks.

I plan to keep Mile Markers and A Word For Wednesday current as much as possible. As long as we have access to good internet, we should be able to do it.

We sure appreciate you praying for us as we spread our wings and try to discover how wobbly our flying might be.

Coming Wednesday at 6:00 AM Eastern


  1. πŸͺ½πŸͺ½ Wonderful to see you spread your wings! ❤️ And If your flying is a bit wobbly, it's nice to know you have the safety net of the everlasting arms underneath! πŸ™Œ Karen M

    1. Thank you. That is encouraging. HE is all I need. 🎢He’s Got It All In Control!πŸŽΆπŸ™ŒπŸ½


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