Friday, November 17, 2023

A Few Pictures And Traveling

We have been traveling this week and we will finish the trip this morning to West Plains, Missouri. We are looking forward to beginning revival tonight for Pastor Dwain Galiher at Junction Hill Pentecostal Church.

Revival will run all weekend and end Monday evening with Thanksgiving Revival and Fellowship Service. We are very much looking forward to it.

Revivals at Junction Hill are always enjoyable and we are anxious to see what the Lord will do for His people. Our first revival for Bro. Galiher was over twenty years ago and it has always been a pleasure to be with them.

Once the revival is over, we will make our way to Tennessee as I mentioned yesterday. Today, I have a few pictures from this travel week. Thank you for stopping in.


Sand Springs, Oklahoma




  1. Thanks for sharing the name of the church…I think I found them on Mixlr so I can join you all!

    1. Always nice to have you along with us. Shout your "Amen" loud enough for me to hear.😍


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