Monday, May 31, 2021

Weekend Write Up 5/31/21

Today is Memorial Day and we are planning to spend a little time this afternoon with my family at my parents' house. They usually get together on Memorial Day to celebrate my Dad's birthday which is the 28th. It is unusual for us to be in Ohio this weekend, but we will take advantage of the opportunity.

What do you and your family traditionally do for Memorial Day? For many of my school age years, I went to the local cemetery with some organization or another and took part in the ceremony to honor veterans. I was there with Cub Scouts, Webelos and band on various years.

Memorial Day was also opening day for the local pool when I was a kid. We always wanted to be there on opening day, but it did not always work out. The pool is long gone now and it is too cold anyway. Global warming is not working out this weekend.

We have also taken part in church services in the cemetery many years ago. If we are home, we try to visit a week earlier near our daughter, Ali's birthday, but sometimes we will visit on Memorial Day.

Weekend Write Up
Since today is Memorial Day, I guess it is officially still the extended weekend, but the regular weekend wrapped up yesterday. It was a wild and wooly weekend immersed in our temporary normal and we enjoyed it very much. 

Friday, my brother Steve helped us all day on a project in the barn and Saturday he brought his son Isaac and we made a whole lot more progress in a few hours. It was wonderful to spend time with Steve and Isaac and it was very good to get some work done too.

We had an exciting day planned for Sunday. I had committed to baptize one of my first cousins and Pastor Kelly Rogers had asked me to preach next door at Dodds Sunday morning. 

The service Sunday morning was good, the baptizing was great and the meal that KJo and Odie prepared was great as well. All in all it made for a wonderful day and left me spent and ready for bed by 4:00 PM.😍 That is wishful thinking!

I have been trying to get videos of Sunday's services to upload to YouTube. IF I am successful in getting through the molasses, one of them should be up this evening.

Kelly's niece, Morgan was having a graduation party in Highland county Sunday evening and KJo and Odie drove down for that. I could not make it, but Odie provided some pictures to enjoy.

That makes for a lot of pictures in one weekend post. I hope you enjoyed them. Thank you for reading Mile Markers today.


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