Friday, May 28, 2021

More Great Company!

Today is a very special day in our family. Yes, it is! Today is my Dad's (Eugene Boggs) 78th birthday. We are so thankful the Lord has allowed us to keep him to this point. We hope to have him around for at least 20 more years!

Happy Birthday, Papa Bear! We love you so much! Thank you for your love, help and guidance each step of the way.

More Great Company!
Tuesday and Wednesday were great days and I told you we were expecting more fun on Thursday. I was correct! The Williamson's and the Collins' were not the only friends visiting the Ark and the Creation Museum this week. Some of our great friends from Wichita were also visiting those attractions.

Yesterday they took time to drive up from northern Kentucky to eat lunch with us and spend a few hours with us.

Can you see what we recommended for lunch? If you said Acapulco, you would be right on! They all seemed to enjoy it. My parents joined us too and it was super great to have them with us. The weather was perfect so KJo and Odie set up tables in the garage and on the driveway.

Our visitors are from Bethany Revival Center in Wichita, the church where Steve and Karen live and work. That means we got to spend some more time with Steve and Karen too! 

Sheldon, Jackie, Mary and Malia with Steve, Karen, KJo and Odie


After lunch and fellowship, Steve loaded them up and gave them a tour of our grand little town. It is green and beautiful around here right now, so I hope they enjoyed it.

We have several big things planned for the weekend. Hopefully, we will get lots of pictures and share them all with you later.

Thank you for stopping in today.


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