Monday, February 1, 2010

Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle

> Bro. Tracy Boyd & his family travelled to Nashville to record
the music for a CD last week and the tracks sound awesome. They
recorded at Hilltop with Gordon Mote, Duncan Mullins and others. I
asked them to forward some pictures so I could post them here.

Bro. Tracy is the Pastor of Sterlington Holiness Tabernacle in
Louisiana. They are in the midst of a building program and are very
close to finishing. They have been building debt free and the Lord
has helped.

Sis. Shea & their girls, Dayla, Darah & Kaylee are recording this
CD as a fundraiser for the building fund. These are great folks
that are doing a great work for God. We are proud to call them

They go back to record vocals in a few weeks. I will let you know
when they start taking orders. This is going to be a great CD for a
great cause. Trust me, you are going to want this CD.



  1. Thanks for posting these pics! Can't wait to hear the finished product!!

  2. Good pictures! Cant wait for the CD to come out!


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