Saturday, February 13, 2010

Saturday 2/13/10

Davy and Pastor Bill Parks

We closed revival last night at the House of Prayer. We had food and fellowship afterward with all the folks and it was all good. The House of Prayer is in the midst of a building project and they sure do need the room. Folks were wall to wall in the rooms in the back but it was all smiles and great food. Bro. Parks and his people have really embraced us through the years and they make us feel like family. We appreciate their kindness and hospitality each time we make it to Tulsa.

The truth is we have found folks like this all over the country. God has a bunch of great people and I am glad he has introduced us to a few of them along the road we travel. We start revival tomorrow for Pastor Leon Rich at South Mission in Broken Arrow (A Tulsa Suburb) and we are excited about that. This will be our first revival there but we have known Bro. Rich and his folks for years so we are expecting great things right from the start.

Please keep us on your prayer list. We desire the leading and protection of God every single day and we want to be effective in the ministry according to his will. God bless you all.


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