Monday, September 13, 2021

Weekend Write Up 9/14/21

The weekend began as we cranked the BoggsMobile, turned it around, hooked up the Jeep and left Peabody, Massachusetts and headed southeast.

We normally go south out of Boston, skim along on I-95 along the coast in Connecticut and then go into NYC or around it. That drive is better at night in order to beat traffic, but you have to drive all night to get far enough past NYC to find an open spot for the bus. I am not able to drive all night yet, so we went a different route.

We went west on I-90 out of Boston toward Albany, New York and then hit I-87 south to I-287 to steer clear of NYC. We drove to the Ulster Travel Plaza on I-87 the first day and then around the city during mid-morning the next day. 

It was easy peasy lemon squeezy and only about 30 miles further. An extra 30 miles to miss all that traffic. I will take that even in the rain.

We spotted this in a truck stop. Take a moment to let it soak in.

This truck and trailer are beautiful. I have told KJo for years that one of these moving company trailers would covert to a huge fifth wheel. We could have a couple of bedrooms, two bathrooms plus room for the tent and a car.😍

KJo and I have invented new sunglasses. Switch your phone camera "on" so you can see what is in front of you. Hold the phone up in front of you to block the sun and there you go.

You already have a phone. We need to make a sunglasses app that turns on your camera and reminds you to hold the phone to your face. We will sell the app cheap, like maybe a dollar to compete with dollar store sunglasses. I can see million$ coming in now.😎

You may know that we had planned on being in Queens, NYC this Sunday and next. We love being with our friends there, but getting the bus in and out of the city and parking it is a huge challenge. With the recent storms and the damage in Queens, we realized it would not work this time.

Although disappointed, we knew God would guide us to the right place and He did. We went to visit friends near Charles Town, West Virginia at Mission Tabernacle Holiness Church. That turned out to be a special treat for us and we were right where we needed to be.

We have known people that go to this church and two former Pastors for over 30 years, but we had never been here. Our friends, Bro. Sam and Sis. Bethany Snow are Pastoring here now and we were thrilled to be with them. The service was great and they helped us sing and preach wonderfully.

May God bless these folks for receiving us warmly. We appreciate the kindness and hospitality and we had so much fun during service and visiting after.

Odie captured some great pictures.

Pastor Sam and Sis. Bethany Snow

That wraps up our weekend. Thank you for spending a few moments with us.