Thursday, January 26, 2017

One More Question and Answer

In yesterday's post I tried to answer a few common questions concerning Odie's house. Thank you for all the positive response. I did forget to add one big question and the answer that goes with it.

Folks that love Odie and that are concerned for her welfare will often ask us, "Will Odie be able to stay some where by herself?" The answer is, yes, Odie has always been pretty responsible and reasonably self sufficient even with her handicap. Kelly Jo trained Odie early on to know what to do when she is by herself.

There are areas she is working on now to help her develop more and more independence and all of this is part of the process. She knows and we know there will be challenges. But we also believe Odie will be able to cope with and overcome those challenges one at a time.

One of the great advantages to building on the location we have chosen is its very close proximity to so many of our family and friends. My parents, all my siblings and many, many relatives live a very few minutes away. Plus, there are wonderful neighbors there.

So the answer is, Yes, Odie will be able to stay in her house by herself.

But I like my brother Steve's answer best. When some one asked him, "Will Odie really stay in her house by herself?"  

Steve said, "She will if we put the locks up high enough!"

That sums it up perfectly!😉

Thank for reading today.