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Friday, July 23, 2021

A Few Pictures From The Week

Another week of food, fun, faith, family, friendship, favor and frivolity! Was your week half that good? I hope it was!😊

We went to home church twice, took a great trip with Dad and Mom to Plain City, Ohio in the bus, had tree fellers work at the Ranch, worked a bit in the barn and enjoyed some super great meals from the hands of Kelly Jo. Yep, a great week.

Before I show you a few pictures, allow me to pause for a serious note. We have several friends that are suffering with COVID and some with other ailments. They need a touch from God and we are praying for them. Would you please join us in praying for our friends in need? Thank you.

Now, here are a few pictures from this week.

Thank you for joining us for a few moments today.


Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A Treemendous Day

It should be an exciting day on the Lazy OD Ranch today. 

We had an estimate back in June from a local tree company to remove the big Maple tree in the center of the picture above and a dying tree by the road that is grown around a utility line. They are also going to remove the stumps and two more stumps by the road.

At the time of the estimate, they informed me it would be several weeks. They called Monday night to ask if tomorrow would be OK to take down the trees. Absolutely!

You can see how close the tree is to our neighbor's house, but it is on our property.

It provides a lot of shade for their house in the afternoon and evening and I am sure it helps lower their electric bill to cool the house. However, the tree's roots grow into the main line to their septic every year and they are tired of cleaning the line. 

I understand completely. We rented a house in Wichita that we had to dig down and clean roots from the line every year. I filled the hole with sand so it would be easier to dig.😁

As you can see, it is a pretty big tree and it could easily damage their house or Odie's house. This company has many years of experience and they are insured in case of disaster. He said it would be no problem to take down one piece at a time. It should be quite exciting to watch. I may shelve my projects and enjoy the entertainment.

I love work! I could watch people work all day long!😊

Once the tree is gone, things will look quite different! That is why KJo took a few pictures last night. Hopefully, we will have many more pictures of the process later.

Thank you for stopping by today.