Monday, July 1, 2024

The Weekend Dispatch 7/1/24

To describe the weekend we must take in a few days last week. A couple of these things will get their own post but we have a few pictures for now.

At some point, Lisa and Odie shared a meal and then we sat outside and visited with them and my parents. It was a pleasant evening.

We spent a day at Eastern Indiana Pentecostal Camp Meeting and we will have more pictures later.

Friday, Kelly Jo's parents dropped in for guitar lessons, lunch and a great visit.

Saturday, my parents took us to Longhorn for our anniversary and KJo's upcoming birthday. This was my first time to visit Longhorn since the stroke and we had a wonderful time. I hope to write more about that tomorrow.

Odie spent Saturday evening with friends eating and watching fireworks.

Sunday was a special day with friends at Taylor Mill Pentecostal in northern Kentucky. Pastor Chris Oliver invited us for both services Sunday and we were honored and happy to go. We love preaching there and we knew we could look forward to great services and wonderful fellowship.

It worked out just like we planned and the only thing that could have been better was the evangelist.🤣

That wraps up The Weekend Dispatch and what a wonderful weekend it was. Thank you for reading.


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