Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Isaacs in California!

The first of the month we had a chance to see the Isaacs. It was so good!!! Their singing and musical abilities always amaze me. Awesome is the only way I know how too describe it. It was great to get to be with Aunt Lily, Ben, Sonya, Becky and the
rest of the crew. Because of our busy schedules our paths don't cross often. It is a great treat when we get to be with them!
Out here in California a lot of our friends are Isaacs fans. We enjoyed getting be with our friends while they enjoyed the Isaacs.
Usually our friends are calling or texting us to tell us what we are missing.

For you readers that are Isaacs fans, the new "Isaacs Christmas" cd is now out. Its is a must have for your Christmas library. Check for more information.


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