Saturday, December 15, 2007

Pictures Posted in 2007- Bristow Campmeeting

Bro. Ralph Cox in Church 211

Pastor Kevin Webster15

The Band 119

Bro. Jody Pascarella & Young Preachers8

Spiritual Bill Parks16

Bro. Bill Parks, Bro. Ralph Cox & Bro. Steve Moore4

The Band playing for the offering 120

Bro. Brent Moore, Bro. Roger Purdy, & Bro. Jimmy Milikin5

Bro. Brent More & Bro. Roger Purdy6

The Band playing for the offering 221

The Band playing for the offering 322

Bro. Don Rich7

The Congregation23

Spitual Darrell Meadow18

Altar Shot 12

Altar shot 21

Altar Shot 32

Childrens church kids 112

Claudia, Grace Juneau & Courtney Gabbard13

Trophy Winner1

Bro. L.D. Moore & Bro. Darrell Meadow9

Darah, Daylah & Sis. Shea Boyd14

Chenoah Juneau & Sis. Charlotte Homer30

Bro. Chris Juneau, Davy & Pastor Barry Gautreaux9

Bro. Marty Milikin17

Bro. Marty Milikin & Bro. Jim Doggett16

Davy, Bro. T.D. Boyd, Bro. Chris Juneau & Bro. Barry Gautrea36

Bro. Brian & Sis. Stacey Cole8

Bro. Jody & Sis.Lynessa Pascarella13

Bro. Tito & Sis. Robin Munoz25

Carissa Holm28

Bro. Kevin Holcomb14

Bro. Roger & Laura Peyton22

Bro. Douglas Meadow & Bro.Kevin Webster11

Bro. Tim & Sis Leah Webb24

Bro. Doulas & Sis. Cesley Meadow12

Bro. Ralph Cox21

Davy & Kent Brown35

Bro. Lance & Isaac Ragsdale15

Bro. Matt Homer18

Bro. Dennis Heath & Davy10

Bro. Mike Pedit & Pastor Lloyd Shuecraft20

Bro. Brent & Sis. Teresa Gabbard6

Bro. Bill, Sis. Melanie & Chloe Parks5

Bro Jimmy Sis. Shawnna & Carlie Milikin2

Bro. Aaron & Bro. Ben Brock4

Enjoying a great lunch37

Bro. Tommy Bohon, Bro. Randall Willson & Bro. Bent Gabbard27

Chenoah Juneau31

Bro. Matthew Vance & Pastor Dwain Galiher19

Coutney Gabbard & Odie33

Darah & Kaylie Boyd34

Enjoying the good mexican food1

Bro. Tommy & Sis. Lisa Bohon26

Bro. Steve & Philip Walker23

Bro. Brent & Sis. Tiffany Moore7

Bro. & Sis. Leon Rich3

Carrie Kewer & Odie29

Courtney Gabbard & Davy32

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